There are hundreds of things that a person buys and dozens of services that a person uses every year. And, for accessing those, he visits various websites or stores or service providers. There isn't a single platform, neither online nor offline, that a person may visit to obtain everything to satisfy all his needs. The 'H Network' is going to change all that.

Food, Water, Electricity, Educational Resources, Banking, Travel, Transportation, Household Products, Electronics, Entertainment, Automobiles, Medical Facilities, Insurance, and every other requirement that a person might have in the normal course of life will be available on the H Network. We will be building up the network one ring at a time and in the next two decades there would be enough rings on the network to Connect Everyone With Everything.

Our first ring would be built to provide facilities related to seven major sectors: Education, Transportation, Real Estate, Travel and Tourism, Media and Entertainment, Banking, and E-Commerce.

H-Education World

The worldwide education industry is worth $5.5 Trillion but is widely scattered and highly disorganised. The biggest problem is that there isn't a proper platform that connects students around the world with educational sources and resources of all kinds like schools, colleges, online courses, qualifying exams, competitive exams, professional courses, specialised courses, educational softwares, latest technology, equipment, books, and everything else related to a student's life. And, whatever good quality resources are available, are available at quite a good cost. Individual edu-systems in some world-class universities are organized to some extent but even they do not possess or provide everything that a student might require in relation to his studies.

H Education World, a platform from the H Network for everything related to Education, would bring everything, that a student would require through his/her student life, at one place. Admission guidance and gateway, International fee transfers, Books and other resources, latest Ed-Tech, Travel arrangements, Accommodation, Internships, access to International Exams, and a lot more would be made available on the platform with time.

Our 2030 target for this platform is $300 Billion in gross revenues globally from all lines of business combined.

There are less than two dozen organisations operating in the Real Estate sector at multi-national level and even their projects are too scattered and too constricted. Almost all the projects of such companies cater to a limited high-end clientele and, hence, are limited in number and size. Companies crossing over from Residential to Commercial to Infra at international level are even rarer.

H Infra would build a strong platform that would build mini cities from ground up involving low-cost residential projects, shopping-cum-office complexes, industrial complexes, and institutional buildings like schools and hospitals. It would also develop a chain of budget, mid-luxury, and luxury hotels in addition to participating in infrastructure development projects.

Our 2030 target for this platform is $200 Billion in gross revenues globally from all lines of business combined.



Transport services are currently in a mess in most countries around the world to say the least. Bus and Taxi services are in the worst condition with too many operators in each and every major city around the world. Everything is highly disorganised even though most operators are making profits. With high costs or bad service in lieu of low costs, the only ones on the losing side are the passengers.

H Trans would aim at providing Taxi and Bus services in all major cities around the world at the lowest possible rates while providing best possible services in a structured, communicative, and responsible manner. Once the Taxi and Bus services are completely stable and sufficiently expanded, train and air services would be added to the portfolio. The mission would be to create a unified service cutting across borders and much more synchronised than any other service in the world. At the same time, there would be a lot of emphasis on fleets of green vehicles running on Electricity or CNG or Hydrogen or some other alternative fuel source..

Our 2030 target for this platform is $300 Billion in gross revenues globally from all lines of business combined.


The global travel and tourism industry is one of the largest industries with contribution of over 8.1 trillion U.S. dollars to the global economy currently (2018) either directly or indirectly. However, the industry is highly fragmented even in countries like the US and France, which are the leaders in the sector. There are plenty of websites and agents that provide travel services to travellers around the world but none that can truly provide anything and everything everywhere.

H Trav would be the world's travel concierge and would connect with the properties and services developed by H Infra and H Trans to lower the cost of offerings while staying committed to providing the best.

Our 2030 target for this platform is $100 Billion in gross revenues globally from all lines of business combined.


The global M&E industry is worth over $2 Trillion as per our estimates and most of it is controlled by a handful of large conglomerates. 'H Media' intends to be a major player in the sector and build a massive international presence gradually and in a phased manner. The platform would start with an Online presence and would follow it up with launches of Print, Television, and Movie set-ups.

Our 2030 target for this platform is $30 Billion in net revenues globally from all lines of business combined.


The H Bank would start out with banking, investment, and trading facilities for Crypto-currencies and would later move to fiat currencies by setting up operations in all major economies. It would be the perfect amalgamation of the real and the virtual and would allow us to build up on the services we would offer through our other platforms through ease of banking. Later, Insurance and other financial services would be added to the portfolio.

Our 2030 target for this platform is $50 Billion in net revenues globally.


As per our estimates, retail e-commerce sales amounted to over $2.3 Trillion worldwide in 2017 and the industry is slated to grow to more than double its current size in the next five years. However, despite being of such massive proportions and such explosive growth rate, there aren't too many big players in the market. If we remove the top five e-Stores from the equation, the rest of the business is divided amongst hundreds of medium-scale and thousands of small-scale sites and service providers. 'H Comm' would aim at being amongst the top five within ten years from the beginning of operations and would offer not just products but services too. The target at the end of that ten year period would be to clock gross annual sales of at least $500 Billion. Gradually, it would enter into the business of direct procurement and manufacturing for the purpose of selling instead of just being a platform for merchants.

Our 2030 target for this platform is $500 Billion in gross sales globally.