H Network is a venture that is looking to create a Network of platforms from which it would offer a multitude of services to users around the world.

We started spinning the 'web' on
01st November 2015.

There isn't any company in the world that is currently providing a platform-of-platforms completely owned and operated by it to allow people to get access to a wide range of services from a single account, and, H Network intends to fill that void.

H Network is a bootstrapped start-up that came into existence on 01st November 2015 when it initiated its pre-operations testing and learning. The founder, Raj Sharma, collaborated with various independent analysts to analyse the various lines of business that ralate to the day-to-day lives of the common people around the world.

on the basis of that research, certain sectors were identified where

H Network would concentrate its attention in order to create individual platforms catering to those sectors with a main platform being the conduit for users across the would to access those individual platforms.

That network would be the 'H Network'.

H Network would create subsidiaries to manage each sector and to come up with a sector-specific platform. The first platform to be developed would be for the Education sector and H Network created subsidiary, H Education world, to that effect on 17th February 2017. H Education world launched its first website, www.EnglishEmperor.com, in June 2018 and conducted a National-level exam in India on 17th Dec. '17.

The sectors identified by that research and analysis are:

Devoted to


H Network would devote 2018 to developing its business in that sector before making a foray into the Transportation and E-Commerce businesses in 2019