Everyone With Everything

Company Profile

H Network is a venture that is looking to create a network of platforms from which it would offer a multitude of services to users around the world.

H Network is a bootstrapped start-up that came into existence on 01st November 2015 when it initiated its pre-operations testing and learning.

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Creating A Platform of Platforms

Completely owned and operated through a single core to allow people to get access to a wide range of services from a single account

Sector-Specific Platforms

H Network would create subsidiaries to manage each sector and to come\up with a sector-specific platform.

  • Travel and Tourism

  • Media and Entertainment

  • Banking

  • Education

  • Transportation

  • Real Estate

  • E-Stores

Travel and Tourism hello

Over $8.1 Trillion globally either directly or indirectly

Highly fragmented even in developed countries

'H Trav'

- world's travel concierge

- would connect with the properties and services developed by 'H Infra' and 'H Trans' to lower the cost of offerings

Target 2030 : $100 Billion plus in gross revenues

Media and Entertainment

Over $2 Trillion globally

Controlled by a handful of conglomerates

'H Media'

- Online

- Print

- Television

- Movie Production House

Target 2030 : $30 Billion plus in net revenues


'H Bank'

- banking, investment, and trading facilities

- both Cryptocurrencies and Fiat

- Worldwide operations

Target 2030 : $50 Billion plus in net revenues


Worldwide education industry is worth $5.5 Trillion

Widely scattered and highly disorganised.

Market includes schools, colleges, online courses, qualifying exams, competitive exams, professional courses, specialised courses, educational softwares, latest technology, equipment, books

There is no proper platform to connect students around the world with all the above-mentioned educational sources and resources

'H Education World' would bring everything at one place

Target 2030 : $300 Billion plus in gross revenues


Taxi Services - Bus Services - Goods Transport - Trains - Planes

Massive worldwide Industry but extremely disorganized with too many operators

'H Trans'

- a unified service cutting across borders and much more synchronised than any other service in the world

- Taxi and Bus services in all major cities at lowest possible rates

- services in a structured, communicative, and responsible manner

- Train & Air services in second phase

Target 2030 : $300 Billion plus in gross revenues

Real Estate

less than a dozen organisations operating at multi-national level

'H Infra'

- low-cost mini-city projects focussing on Residential-cum-Shopping-cum-office complexes

- chain of budget and luxury hotels

- infrastructure development projects

Target 2030 : $200 Billion plus in gross revenues


Retail e-commerce sales amounted to over $2.3 Trillion worldwide in 2017

Slated to grow to more than double the size in the next five years

Just five major players and rest are small and scattered

'H Comm' would aim at being amongst the top five within ten years from the beginning of operations and would offer not just products but services too

Target 2030 : $500 Billion plus in gross sales